Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Teachable moment, heh

Transcript of a story told to me over IM... (Posted all in a row like this, it looks kind of like poetry, with all the line breaks. And that makes it even funnier.)

so my roomie was showing me stuff around the apartment
and he was like, "this is where my videos are
feel free to watch any whenever you want"
and then he gets this slightly sheepish look on his face
and he's like, "um, there might be some porn in there."
and i say, "i don't care."
and he rushes on, "it's all softcore stuff, like playboy. i mean, there's nothing hardcore."
to which i reply, "well, that's a shame."
and he looks at me like i have two heads or something
and i'm like, "i really don't care."
and he starts stuttering apologies/justification
and i'm like, "really, I DON'T CARE."
and he stops and he's like, "so, what. women watch porn?"
and i'm about to fall down b/c i'm trying so hard not to laugh
b/c he's SO sincere
and i'm like, "look."
"one of my friends has been taking pictures to be naked on the internet..."
"and another sent me an email this morning asking what i thought about searching for a fuckbuddy on craigslist"
i REALLY DON'T CARE that you have porn.
"unless it's tony comstock. then i care."
...which he didn't understand, but that's probably just as well. :)
that made MY day.
first time he's lived with a girl. :)



  1. BTW, have you seen the latest entry @ Feministe?

    Considering how the question of beauty blew up so badly, I wonder what this discussion is going to do...

  2. Taking bets — it will probably go south inside of 20 comments. :)

    To keep any kind of conversation on this topic civil, at least on a space open to both sides, it means pretty much moderating out any posts based on personal attacks or gross misrepresentations of the other side's positions that amount to willful baiting.

    If comments like the above get through on either side, it pretty much becomes impossible not to ignore by the other side, and down it goes.

  3. So if the over/under on "How long before this thread derails" was 20, then it turns out betting on the 'under' was a good call. :P

  4. Problem is...they should have placed the over/under at a more reasonable, say, 10.


  5. Actually, it hasn't been so bad so far, though I have no idea whether that's meant that Lisa has been throwing out a lot of comments or not. At least I haven't seen Ginmar or Sam or the like pop up in full attack mode.

    On the other hand, a lot of the conversation has focused on the evils of "mainstream" porn content and the supposed effects on John Q. Pornfan. And what kind of porn its "OK" to watch (is "non-mainstream porn" the new "erotica"?)

    Not the most interesting or relevant conversation to be having around porn, but there you have it.

  6. "is "non-mainstream porn" the new "erotica"?"

    Eh, I think I said that. And honestly, with some of the less sure people I'm not averse to the idea of opening their eyes to non-mainstream stuff rather than trying to convince them that Porn As A Whole Is Not The Problem. Because I think just seeing it or hearing about it in a light different than what one reads about or has seen in abusive situations, can often help people see our point.

  7. "Who is Lisa, anyway?"

    Lisa Jervis, who co-founded Bitch.

    The Feministe first-name only thing for their bloggers definitely does get kind of confusing.

  8. Aww, no love for Comstock? Tastes differ, I guess.

  9. No.. MUCH love for Comstock! That was her point... she cared if he had anything by Comstock Films, because she would want to watch it!

  10. Oh! I totally mis-read that.

    Since Comstock DVDs come out at a rate of roughly once every metric eon (which is good, because they're not just cranking out crap), do you know of any other titles or lines that have a similar kind of aesthetic?