Thursday, August 9, 2007

A-hem.....a-hem-hem, a-hem....Attention, All BPPA Yayponies

You may want to check out this latest thread over at the Fleshbot website....where some actual good words are being said about a certain recently formed blog.

Fleshbot: Anti Smut Activist Out To Destroy Save Porn

Here we go again ... another fear-mongering blogger is railing against the
dangers of pornography and how it will drag all of society down into a pit of
filth and slime. What's that? You're saying this activist is actually in favor
of pornography? How can that be, when every piece of available media tells us that porn will destroy our families, our sanity and our very lives? (Remember the pit?)

Yes, it seems The Blog of Pro-Porn Activism is actually taking the
radical stance that pornography is not evil and might even be—gasp!—good for

Reporting on the latest in anti-porn hysteria and censorship, the site actually
makes reasoned arguments, treats its opposition with respect and doesn't insult
the educated adults who it believes can make rational informed decisions about
the entertianment they consume. Yeah, that kind of approach will obviously never

You mean that Jonno actually does more than just troll the Net for celeb crotch shots and bare nipples?? ;-)

Anyways.....thanks to the fine folks at Fleshbot (and in the case of contributors Audacia Ray and Violet Blue, we mean that quite literally) for the rousing endorsement; it makes us feel a bit less lonely to know that someone appreciates our work.


  1. Wow, right on!

    Nice getting the attention of one of the "big blogs".

  2. Yes! I saw that. And did a dance. Naked.

    Well, not really. But it makes me want to :)

  3. Yay! :)

    Getting linked on Fleshbot sent my traffic through the roof, so this should be a serious boost for BPPA!