Tuesday, July 31, 2007

By Request!

A Fisking of Robert Jensen, dedicated to Belledame, and cross posted on MVTV...

Article to be fisked with extreme zeal!

"What does the existence of a multi-billion-dollar pornography industry say about us, about men?"

Well Bob, I'm not a man, but it would suggest that men like to watch people fucking. Some women do too. Pretty obvious, no?

Let us move on...In this piece by Prof. Jensen, who seems to watch more hardcore gonzo porn than I do, which says something, and pays money to do it, which also says something, yet it has managed not to turn him into rapist, which also says something, we are treated first to a review of an all oral film called "Blowbang #4" (because you know, Blowbang 1-3 left so many unanswered questions!) What follows is Bob's creepily loving description of a scene in which a porn gal dressed in a cheerleader outfit performs oral sex on, gets throat fucked (presumably), and ejaculated on by six men. While being called degrading names. There is much speculation about what she's feeling at the moment, and no mention of her fee, or the consent she gave to perform this scene, nor any mention of her feelings on it, but yep, Bob talks about Blowbang 4...

Next up is a review of the Vivid film "Delusional", (ahem, another of the 15 porn flicks he paid to rent) in which a man and a woman have sex. Both give and receive oral, then PiV in several positions, there is some dirty talk (no name calling), then anal, then he cums on her tits.


Because you know, NO normal het couple in America actually ever do stuff like that, ever! Then Bob talks for a bit about how this horrible porn stuff never addresses or even scantly represents female desires (um, hello, you're a dude, what do you know about female desires? Never mind that you know, the dude went down on her too? And there was kissing and stuff?)

Bob then tells us about how the women at his speeches are so shocked and horrified and have no desire to do any of these things...(cause you know, the women at Bob's speeches are an unbiased cross section of women, and thus reflect all women) after he has described them oh so "clinically", and want to know why do men get off on this shit? Bob says that masculinity in this culture is in trouble!(breif interlude to discuss why porn is bad, from a feminist perspective...cause you know, Bob's a femanist, who speaks to and for men, even though his main audience seems to be women, and well, he never asks the porn men and women...blah blah...think of the children!)

Okay, back to bad masculinity...talk on how men are the source of violence and sexual violence, how they tease eachother as youth (hell, I never knew a boy calling another boy a fag as an insult was REALLY an insult to women!)

End all beat all: "Masculinity is a bad idea, for everyone, and it’s time to get rid of it. Not reform it, but eliminate it. "

(For our own good...)

Bob talks more about porn, admits to having used it for fun in his youth (now, only for anti-porn academic reasons, admits the shit turns him on, mourns a bit for himself, because porn makes Bob sad. (Belle, a tissue please? Um, make that two, for the tears and the um...yeah). Ah, empathy. Bob wonders if any woman could actually like porn (ayep), and yes, empathy...(more on that later...okay, Bob.)

Bob gets sad again, feels selfish, feels for men who like porn, doesn't want to live in this world where a woman gets her face ejaculated on for a fee, even if she consents to it! Oh yeah, feminists don't hate men, neither does Bob. Okay, I actually believe that. Sometimes...

HAHA, the Bob asks:"Then ask this question: Can we men acknowledge our humanity if we find sexual pleasure in watching three men penetrate a woman orally, vaginally, and anally at the same time? Can we and live our humanity to the fullest if we find sexual pleasure in watching eight men ejaculate onto a woman’s face and into her mouth? Can we masturbate to those images and truly believe they have no effect beyond the rise and fall of our penises in that moment? Even if you believe that such sexual “fantasies” have no effect in the world outside our heads, what does that pleasure say about our humanity?"

Well Bob, I think one might, if they had a penis and all, be okay with that if the woman was into it, asked for it, consented to it, enjoys it, or yep, does it as part of her chosen profession. Holy Shit, Imagine That? As for talking about humanity, well, human sexuality is a strange, diverse thing, so you know, some people, even some women, might really like and get off on that shit...even non porn women...hell why don't you ask them? As for what it says about mens humanity...if the woman likes it, I say it speaks nary a negative word about it!

Wooo, then the typical Bob line...which cracks me up, considering the paragraph before it (emphasis added by moi...):

"No matter how important you think those questions are, right now I am not asking those questions. I am asking you to think about what it means to be a human being. Please don’t ignore the question. I need you to ask it. Women need you to ask it, too.

What I am not saying:I am not telling women how to feel or what to do. I am not accusing them of having false consciousness or being dupes of patriarchy. I am not talking to women. I am speaking to men. Women, you have your own struggles and your own debates among yourselves. I want to be an ally in those struggles, but I stand outside of them."

DUDE, you just told women what to do then said you weren't telling them how to feel or what to do??? (That's it Belle, fuck the tissue, gimmie a tire iron...)

Bob then encourages men not to be men, but human beings, which, technically, men already are.(Lest we forget that, yet, apparently, not human by Bob's standards)...

My advice to Bob? Lay off the porn, it's fucking with you....and oh yeah, you want to talk about empathy and consideration, try practicing some towards the porn women you are "empathizing with"...you know, like, oh talking to them...and maybe some other women than those who attend your seminars?

"Former" Porn User turned critic, almost as fanatical as ex-smokers and born again...oh wait, they hate the comparison, so I shall refrain...


  1. Oh, please. Pretty, pretty please.

    Bob Jensen is about as much an expert analyst on porn as I am on quantom physics.

    He even manages to get the damn movies he reviews ass-backwards.

    I have a friend and porn historian named Sheldon Ranz, who is a regular at Nina Hartley's forum (indeed, he was the best man at her wedding to her current husband, and he interviewed her for a Jewish leftist magazine early in her porn career). He managed to actually purchase a copy of both of the movies that Jensen attempts to savage in his "review"....and even posted his own review of both of the movies at Nina's forum a while back. Needless to say, his impressions of the movies were a bit more than slightly different than that of Jensens.

    Unfortunately, I can't retrieve the exact review right about now; I'm hoping that Sheldon can either find it and post it here or grant permission for me to post it. It will certainly raise some eyebrows about Jensen's special talents for doublespeak and deception. When it does come, I will bust out my own whupping stick to fisk Jensen myself in these pages.

    The rest is so typical Bob Jensen delusion...which I've dissected several times before and probably will do so again.

    But anyways...nice fisking.

    BTW...what's "MVTV"???


  2. AK:"More Volatile Than Vesusvius' - the subtitle of my blog...

  3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - for a guy who claims to be "anti porn", Prof Jensen sured does watch a LOT of hard core porno!

    Almost makes you think that the whole "anti porn" thing is an act, so the conservative Red State trustees of the University of Texas THINK that ol' Bob is trying to "fight pornography" when he's really busy "wrestling with his manhood" (and getting paid to do it!)