Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sex 2.0 official press release


Amber Rhea
Main organizer, Sex 2.0
Email: amber@gapodcastnetwork.com
Web site: www.sex20con.com

Sex 2.0 "unconference" will explore sexuality, feminism and social media

ATLANTA, Ga., July 17, 2007 – Sex 2.0, a one-day conference, will offer sessions which explore the intersection of feminism, sexuality and social media. It will take place April 12, 2008 at the Spring4th Center in Atlanta. Admission is free.

"Social media has enabled fundamental changes in how people learn, grow and connect sexually," said Amber Rhea, one of Sex 2.0's organizers. "The sessions will explore what those changes mean in a safe, welcoming, sex-positive environment."

Sex 2.0 is an unconference, which means that sessions will be informal conversations organized by people attending the event. Session leaders with some knowledge in a subject area facilitate conversations among the participants.

"Everyone should feel free to share what they know, and raise any questions they may have," Rhea said. "Respecting the confidentiality and protecting the identities of participants who wish to maintain a degree of anonymity will be a top priority at Sex 2.0."

Rhea was also the main organizer of PodCamp Atlanta, a podcasting and new media conference which took place March 17-18, 2007. Her inspiration for Sex 2.0 came from the success of PodCamp Atlanta combined with a frustration with how women who use the internet to express their sexuality are portrayed in popular culture.

Several sessions have already been scheduled, including: "Erotic Writing 101" with author Rachel Kramer Bussel; "Sex Work and Online Feminism" with sex worker and blogger Renegade Evolution; "Choose Your Own Adventure: How has the escorting business changed with the advent of the Internet?" with former sex worker Kimberly Martin; and "Sexual Subculture as Internet Phenomenon" with gay blogger Joseph G. The keynote speaker will be Audacia Ray, author of Naked on the Internet and director of the award-winning film The Bi Apple.

The event is managed by volunteers and funded by sponsors. A wide variety of sponsorship opportunities are currently available.

To learn more, visit the event's Web site at www.sex20con.com. If you are interested in sponsoring Sex 2.0 or have any questions, contact Amber Rhea by sending an email to amber@gapodcastnetwork.com.


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