Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quote of the day

"Sexual speech, not MacKinnon's speech, is the most repressed and disdained kind of expression in our world, and MacKinnon is no rebel or radical to attack it."

– Susie Bright, "The Prime of Miss Kitty MacKinnon", 1993.


  1. Susie Bright is my hero. (And hopefully I'll get to meet her at BlogHer!!) This quote says it all.

  2. Susie Bright is great – she's been one of my favorite essayists since the late '80s. I imagine she gets a ton of email, but she's responded personally the few times I've written to her.

  3. that was a great article, loved it...

  4. That article is simply fantastic.

    And has me all kinds of wondering about CM's husband now...

  5. I don't think CM is married. She was nearly married to Jeffrey Masson, a notorious but "reformed" womanizer (sounds very "Dangerous Liasons"-like, doesn't it?), but that didn't last.

  6. ahhhhh okay.

    and why am I not surprised she'd fall for a "reformed" "bad boy"?

    "oh honey, you saved me!"

    "sweet, I'm God!"

  7. Susie Bright kicks more ass before 6 AM than most mortal folk do their entire day.

    The sub-caption on her site says it all:

    "Could never be accused of shutting up."

    And she makes a mean strawberry shortcake, too.