Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Grimly Amused...

Okay, this both amuses me and annoys me at this point: Over at NPNH Adam (aka we, so far as I know I’ve not spoken to anyone other than Adam, yet still, the royal we), continues to refer to me as a “pro-porn blogger”…which, yes indeed I am, I am a blogger, I am pro-porn, hence, yes, pro-porn blogger. However, what he is negelecting, somehow, to tell his faithful fans & readers is…well, the sex biz? I am also an employee. Nudie bars? Worked in those. Jack-shacks? Those too. Bachelor parties? Did three last week. Porn? Made some of that. BSDM photos? Been in more than a few. I would think, maybe, this might be relevant information all things considered when trying to, oh, frame this “debate”? You know, the person who is not agreeing with you is actually in the business? And not even in marketing! Smirk. But an actual, honest to god working type?

I think that might be of some import, oh, the fact that in some way or another, I’ve been doin’ the sex biz thing for quite some time…over a decade in fact.

Imagine that….

You know, any one of y’all who happen to head this way from NPNH, I have a little somethin’ somethin’ maybe you should read…a little tale about a lab rat…aka, one journalism students crash course in the sex biz…which, yeah, isn’t all sunshine and light, but…it is a true story…

Lab Rat Part I
Lab Rat Part II
Lab Rat Part III
Lab Rat Part IV
Lab Rat Part V
Lab Rat Part VI

And yes, even after all that, I still like my job and wouldn't trade it for any other, and yes, I support porn...


  1. I love the "we." I think it's the royal "we."

  2. actually, i wonder, you know, if anyone besides MoPo and other exasperated fellow Noho residents and -maybe- the odd (heh) fellow crusader, reads that site.

    not to say he still isn't incredibly irritating...

  3. nopo is linked on many-a-feminist blogs

  4. well, that's kind of what i meant wrt "crusader" tbh; because those are the only feminists i know who have him linked. which, yes, there are a fair number of those. i guess what i'm wondering is: is anyone who didn't already either 1) agree with him or 2) loathe him unreservedly reading him. Has he changed anybody's mind.

    i ask mostly because i find him just so incredibly ANNOYING that i find that hard to imagine; but then i'm biased obviously.

  5. but yeah, it sort of kills me that this guy gets tacitly lumped in with "feminists," even the reactionary anti-porn kind. He's/they're -really- not. Jenndi's take on abortion is floating around there somewhere, (or maybe at her own site) for instance...not one that the APRF's would be at -all- pleased about, i am fairly certain. and y'know, that's another hardline bottom-line issue, so the question for the APRF's becomes: are you more okay with linking to people who are anti-abortion (if murkily) but anti-porn than people who are pro-choice but okay with porn?

  6. I just read the Lab Rat story; it was a fascinating read, and I was surprised not only by the writer's oh-so-innocent tone, but by the degree to which she was willing to convey that attitude. I wonder if she knows how she comes across in that story? Her personality intrudes far more than that of a professional journalist would, but that she allowed that personality clash she had with you to enter the piece is part of what made it an interesting read.

    About the 'pro-porn blogger' comment - maybe he referred to you that way because the circular nature of the pro/anti-porn blogosphere made him see you first and foremost as an internet inhabitant, a blogger, rather than as a real-life sex worker? I don't know this guy and don't seek to judge him, but some people seem to approach people on the internets as if everyone lives here, and it occurred to me that he may be one of these people.

  7. he is, among other things, not the brightest bagel in the box.