Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why the "Them" Section?

So, one might ask, why does a pro-porn blog have links to anti-porn sites and resources?

The answer is simple. I want people to be able to see both sides of any argument, read various sources of information, and make up their own minds.


  1. nice update. blogroll, i mean.

    i keep meaning to ask: what exactly is the "melon farmers" thing about?

  2. Yep... the whole "keep your enemies close" thing.

    Nice blogroll updates, btw

  3. I think it's a fantastic idea, Ren. I think the whole not linking to people you disagree with thing is a hellacious bad idea.

  4. "Melon Farmers" seems to be a British porn-industry sponsered site about censorship, and not just censorship of porn. Its one of the more uncritically pro-porn links I've come across and I know FAC has taken some shit for linking to them. On the other hand, they have a lot of coverage of British (and international) censorship news that a lot of the other links don't.

  5. "I think it's a fantastic idea, Ren. I think the whole not linking to people you disagree with thing is a hellacious bad idea."

    I totally feel the same way. I think our arguments hold up and I don't fear people reading the other side. Basically, the opposite attitude of the APRF echo chamber.

  6. yeah, i meant: what's the name about?

  7. According to the Melon Farmer's FAQ, its from a bowdlerized BBC showing of "Repo Man", where the word "motherfucker" was dubbed over by "melon farmer". Makes me wonder what they did with "Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole". :)

  8. ah, gotcha.

    heh. in the no-persyns' strip wherein "adult" stores are allowed around where i grew up, there is one store that also had strippers/performers (the viewing booth, i guess). They used to have a big marquee advertising the star attraction du jour ("Tiger Lily This Week Only")

    anyhoo, one week they simply had

    "Huge Tracts of Land"

    i hadn't seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail yet, so didn't get why that was funny for years...

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  10. Here's a question for you (meaning all the hosts). I clicked on genderberg and under the 90% stat here, it includes feeding children as a reason someone is doing sex work (she includes strippers and other sex workers as prostitutes, see farther in same link)involuntarily.

    I always assumed the 90% was supposed to mean something beyond just wanting to make money to feed families. I mean, if "children's bellies" is a reason that work is compelled, then most work, not just sex work, is compelled. Many workers would quit if their children could still be miraculously fed without their labor. How is this specific to sex work?

    About 98% of full-time sex workers probably make between $25K and $250K annually, right? Probably 2% make more or less. Just guessing here. I would also guess that the women surveyed for these stats are likely in the 25-50K range -- of course, could be wrong there. But I doubt that you'd find 90% in the 100-250K category who would say they wanted out.

    So, my question to you. Has there been any research looking at other professions with that range of pay, where LESS than 90% said they don't choose to do it, where choice = "would do it even if feeding my family wasn't a consideration?"

  11. Personally, I wouldn't link antiporn sites in any blog which I would host, because I feel that they are already easily enough accessible for anyone who wants to find them...I'd rather save my precious bandwidth for promoting our side.

    I probably would, however, within individual articles link particular passages and sources from antiporn sites, if only for proper etiquette and sourcing.

    The issue for me isn't not linking to those who you disagree with; it's giving equal value to what I consider bullshit arguments.

    But, I can understand all the arguments to the contrary....doesn't bother me one bit.

    Excellent job on the blogroll, too.


  12. yeah, i dunno, personally i like having them grouped all in one place for easy reference.