Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More interviews....

This time in podcast form, some interviews with some more porn performers, and a few directors too. Once again, not over the top pornspeak, but not necessarily worksafe unless confined to the privacy of ones own iPod.

All of these links (with the exception of the Justine Jolie one) go straight to MP3s, so right click (that's control-click to you Mac users) to download:


  1. oh yeah, i've heard good things about Pink and White, or rather "The Crash Pad," and whatever came after it. haven't seen 'em yet, though.

    other good lesbian pr0nmakers, dunno if they have interviews: Shar Rednour, Maria Beatty. and there's the website whose name i'm currently blanking on.

  2. Thanks for mentioning Shine, and her company Pink & White Productions! They've updated their website (pinkwhite.biz) so your link is broken. Lately, Shine's been working on the company's new adult website, based on the Crash Pad. It's at CrashPadSeries.com
    I'd love to see what you think of it.

    (And for belledame222, the other following films were Superfreak, In Search of the Wild Kingdom, and most recently a dvd of 5 popular scenes from the website... As far as I know it, Shar is no longer making work. There's a site called NoFauxxx.com which has a lot of queer girl stuff, and GoodDykePorn.com, which is very very amature but the director was inspired by Shine and it's great to see more representation out there.)