Saturday, July 21, 2007

What other reasons could there possibly be?

I know, I know... all sex workers (who are all women, btw) were abused as children; have no self-respect; have a drug habit to finance; are trafficked victims; are poor deluded souls who just want to please the menz; and/or - here's the most puzzling one to me - have "daddy issues."

Right. We know this to be true.

Except, well... sometimes it's not about the men. Or the drugs. Or [insert preferred trauma-of-the-day]. Sometimes it's about other things...

From College Callgirl:

Soberly approaching an unusual sexual experience, my stomach flips around like a young girl on the monkey bars, my breath gets short, and my bowels turn over, until I’m feeling more nauseous than aroused. In my personal life, this is the moment when I can turn around and spend the day watching America’s Next Top Model reruns on the couch. But in my professional life, I’m forced to work through the discomfort and make myself press forward like a young professional invited to a boring party with a lot of networking potential.
And sometimes it can be - dare I say it? - empowering.

From Dominatrix Next Door:

You learn to turn the childhood ban on “no” around. You love your “no” utterly, foolishly, rather like your parents must have loved that child. And that gives you back your “yes,” the option of asking for things for yourself.

Via the Fleshbot Sex Blog Round-up.

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