Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh see, it all makes sense now...

Stated in plain text right on NoPornNorthHamptons web site:

"This site contains documentation that some people may find offensive. It is reproduced for the sole purpose of supporting NoPornNorthampton's arguments."

(bold text added by moi.)

So that explains it, yeah? They just do think it is okay, fine and dandy to take the words of women willingly in the sex industry, with no regard to their feelings on the sex industry, or thier work, or what they do, or think, or support, for their own noble cause!

Especially when that cause supposedly cares about consent and the feelings of women in porn.

Ahem, I call bullshit!


  1. well, as long as you don't get the wrong idea about them, you know, like o i don't know that you could go there, look at the examples he's kindly provided for all and sundry, and WANK to it. That is Not His Purpose. No.

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